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We are LafargeHolcim’s technology partner for group companies in Europe, Africa, and Middle East regions. We provide innovative services to the countries of the region, enabling business success through reliability, efficiency, and innovation.  

Welcome to our new brand blog and thank you for visiting us. We invite to join us and together Go for more.

A technological revolution

We live in an exciting time that changes at a speed never seen before. This era is sustained by a series of technological advances that allow us to reach places that until now were only part of the imagination. A true revolution promoted by new processes and technologies that affect the entire society, from education to agriculture, through industry, transportation or, of course, communications. A new paradigm that forces us to accelerate our learning and to keep an active mind in order to understand the keys to the new world around us.  

We want to be part of this revolution. We want to innovate the world. We want to go for more

Through this blog, we would like to engage with you in active conversation about how we address the challenges and opportunities that technology is bringing. Data science, machine learning, blockchain or artificial intelligence will be some of the main topics we will be discussing.  We will be also reflecting on industry trends, new technologies or innovation, something we are passionate about.

We look forward to hearing from you! More technology, more diversity, more reliability, more efficiency!  Follow us and #GoForMore!