Technology must fulfil our purpose of offering an enhanced user experience to our clients, and be a differentiating factor for the company. The myOrders RMX app is a good example.

RMX at a click!

The myOrders RMX app is our latest brand solution, which allows our customers to place orders and track orders and deliveries in real time from any place, at any time. 

Sorin Hornoiu, Head of the Digital Solutions Team at LafargeHolcim EMEA Digital Center, who is responsible for the development of the brand-new myOrders RMX app, shares with us his view on how technology today is a key enabler in supporting the evolving business needs.

Technology must efficiently respond to specific business needs

Selecting the right technology to support customer needs is the first point I would highlight. We should not make the mistake of “finding a usage” for a certain type of technology just because we like it; the selection must be based on how efficiently it fits the specific business needs. In the case of myOrders RMX, due to the needs of the RMX business, the solution must respond to the need for mobility and accessibility to information from any specific point at any time and it must also be cost-effective.

Simplicity and focus on value

The second aspect to consider is simplicity. 

We need to start with the main features that the client is looking for, which must be addressed in the technology. We should eliminate all elements that are not needed, that might be attractive for a technical person but do not bring additional value. In the case of the myOrders RMX app we need to respond to three main questions: what do I want to order, where do I want my order delivered to and when do I want to receive it. And that information must be processed quickly and in just a few clicks.

Customers also want to be informed in real-time about the status of their orders and be able to track them. This is solved through alerts technology based on sensor information. Understanding what you want to see and how often is also another element to take into account, giving the customer the option to configure it according to his/her “style”. 

The channel to be used for notifications should take into consideration the specificity of the alerts. For some types of information, it is necessary to use push notifications, in other cases, “traditional” emails could be more appropriate. In certain circumstances, SMS might be a good option. We should not be afraid to use “old” technology when it fits the specific conditions better. 

Traceability of delivery is also an important factor for RMX customers. To avoid human error, the technology must provide a response that, in this case, is resolved by using IoT through the use of sensors that will provide accurate information on when the delivery was completed.

Finally, customers need to feel confident that the information they consume can be trusted, and this can only be achieved when users understand the technology behind the capabilities offered.

That is what we need to achieve with technology. In sum, it must fulfil our purpose of offering an enhanced user experience to our clients, and be a differentiating factor for the company!