Creating a great employee experience through Digitization of Human Resources 

Digitalization is helping LH Human resources management in several ways. Now employees take ownership of their data and have a clearer understanding of the HR processes they are involved in. They can now access their data or see the status of their requests from any device (mobile, tablet, PC…) at any time.

Technology that stands behind the myPlace app supports HR’s digital transformation. It helps the HR community and employees to automate processes and reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks. Through the digitization of HR functions, we are standardizing and automating administrative tasks that were adding no value to the HR community who can now focus on what is important. 

By setting approval workflows to support the tasks that our employees are running in the platform we will have more secure, reliable, and data-lead processes that will guide all areas of HR.

Employing agile methodologies to implement and obtain great customer experience by including users from the beginning

We wanted this initiative to be successful, so from the very beginning, we had our customers on board. We started to build a very simple proof of concept based on the previous employee self-services used in the company to show our customers how we could improve it. Then we offered the HR community from the countries the possibility to join us so we could build the pilot together. Thanks to the volunteers we always had in mind their feedback and suggestions while building the platform. These are the main reasons why the app was perceived so well.