MyMaintenance is a mobile solution that is supporting our business to improve, make agile and more effective inspections and other additional features, to fulfil the requirements to support maintenance and production to execute WBI (Walk-by Inspection) and PMR (Preventive Maintenance Routines). The currently available solution offers notification creation, search and display of work orders, checksheets completion, and browsing in the technical structure of a plant.  It supports both online and offline modes. In case of a lack of signal, all data introduced in the tool can be synchronized once the mobile device is connected to the network again.

The value MyMaintenance app Brings to Your Transformation!

MyMaintenance app offers a wide range of features that improve the plant´s performance and increase efficiency! This solution also helps to: 

Optimize time: Allowing the Inspectors and Patrollers tracking directly the actions from the mobile when they are on the field.

Boost Safety and sustainability: Having on the field access to all relevant documentation, including the electrical checksheet directly available in the mobile drastically reduces the need for paper. 

Process excellence: The possibility to create the notifications directly from the checksheet results in more efficient and optimized processes.

A Better User Experience

There are several top factors that create a better users experience. Among these factors are: 

  • Delivery of the most demanded features and incorporating the expert’s feedback based on real usage. 
  • Value delivery in the early stages. 
  • keeping near connection and positive spirit.