Pilar Fernández, Senior Business analyst at the EMEA Digital Center shares with us how digitization is empowering the business for enhanced quality management being the new myLab app one example.

Streamlining testing processes, production adjustments and decision-making from laboratories or worksites

Target users of the new app are lab technicians working outside the laboratory whose tasks are traditionally dependent on manual and paperwork. myLAB is offering them the option to go digital saving time, avoiding re-keying of information and reducing mistakes.

This is just a starting point that opens a wide range of new opportunities oriented to increase the effectiveness in Quality/Production areas, speeding up testing processes, production adjustments and decision making (from the laboratories or the worksite).

User experience centred approach

The user is in the centre of the design and development of any solution to provide a great user experience.

Design of the application was done from the beginning with the involvement of the business. Users’ inputs were considered not only from the design point of view but also to adapt the flows and features to their daily work.

 The objective was to identify and cover user’s needs, simplify the capture of information using dropdown menus, auto-populated fields and minimizing data required to create an order. Everything presented in a user-friendly interface.

myLAB app allows to create multiple aggregate samples in one shot or visualize relevant information about the formulas used in Ready-mix production, among other suggestions received from the business that was finally implemented.

Right now we have the first product that will be continuously improved with user’s feedback.