How do you see the role of the Business Relationship Manager in the current market?

Traditionally IT in the earlier days was known and termed as Data Processing and confined to backroom operations! However the world and indeed Information Technology both in terms of process, infrastructure and solutions has transformed a great deal over the years since the mid 1990s and really it’s important to ensure that all available technologies and applications out there are well analysed and proper selection made to address business demands and needs.

It’s critical to align IT to Business strategy and this transformation requires a role that has good technical knowledge and processes background to  work towards this alignment. A strong relationship is required to connect both Business and IT in terms of understanding what is available on the market place and what really fits into the business environment to create value for business and in turn the end customer.

What do you think are the main challenges for this role?

The BRM needs to understand the customer well and appreciate the needs and motivation for the various changes required. Customers are different, and indeed they are the most important assets for us. As a BRM, I need to understand my customers well, their issues and create demands that would attract appetite for solutions and products from the EMEA Digital Center. Good listening skills, probing questions to understand problems better, and providing focused solutions are vital, and this can be quite challenging based on the circumstances.

How do you think this role is contributing in supporting the transformation of companies into a more customer centric organization?

In LafargeHolcim, I see the BRM as an orchestrator between the Digital Service Centre, the 3rd Party Service providers, and the Business.

The BRM role enables us to shape business demands and priorities and harness the capability of the EMEA Digital center to provide valuable solutions to meet these demands and preferences.

It’s even more exciting as we in LH work in multiple regions and countries. That means that the BRM can bring more value to the various businesses by sharing best Practices and propagating solutions and standards that address common issues across our manufacturing business enterprise to improve service delivery and increase customer satisfaction.

and..what does success look like?

For me, success is when the value is delivered to our customer and actually translates this into a saving or increased measurable revenue. Not to mention the EMEA Digital center’s customer thinking during their moment of truth as they seek technology and process solutions! Of course, a tremendous Net Promoter Score is a wonderful result at the end of the day!

What are you most proud of…? 

I am very proud of having created a great working relationship over the years with the EMEA Digital Center, which has significantly made it easy for me to navigate multiple functions when seeking solutions to complex problems.

I have had a great chance to serve physically as an expatriate in various countries, making it even easier for me to relate to multiple cultures and harness this to develop an invaluable human network within the business, which eases my communication across geographies.