How do you see the role of the Business Relationship Manager in the current market?

The Business Relationship Manager role is crucial in today’s market to maintain positive relationships with customers, meet the business’s strategic goals, and increase customer satisfaction.

What do you think are the main challenges?

Business Relationship Management requires a high level of Strategic Focus and a deep understanding of business.  When working with the customer,  it may be challenging in some cases to gather the right level of information to effectively represent the business viewpoint with the Digital Center and vice versa.

How do you see this role in LafargeHolcim EMEA Digital Center?

The BRM is the Ambassador of EMEA Digital Center in the country with the main aim of building a bridge between the business and EMEA Digital Center.  As BRM, we are close to the business operations with deep understanding of how the business operates  and at the same time, have the IT mindset to fulfil the business demands from EMEA Digital Center.

Being part of the digital center BRM team that manages more than 40 countries in EMEA, enables us to learn about the different solutions in such a big scope and allows me to share the best practices with the countries in my scope.

How do you think this role is contributing in supporting the transformation into a customer-centric organization? 

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate measurement of the BRM role success.  Putting Extra Special focus on improving relationships among business partners and maximizing the business value will result in customer satisfaction. Accordingly, we develop a customer-centric organization through the role of the BRMs.

What does success look like?

Through my role as BRM, I feel successful when my direct or indirect customers are satisfied. When our solutions supply the business demands, especially the ones I suggest, or when a conflict gets resolved and makes every party on the same level of understanding. 

What are you most proud of…? 

I’m proud of the successful projects that were completed recently, which improved customer satisfaction and increased the business value.